Monday, October 6, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "The King's Ward" by Chris Northern


Imagine you were a living, breathing human being but no one could see, hear or remember you? That you had to make a fuss just to be noticed for one minute?
That's the reality for seventeen-year-old Calista. Her mother barely remembered she was even born and her father was MIA. All she has of him is a photo with a partial street name. She's on a mission to find him, no matter what the cost.
Byron is in the same position as Calista. But all he has of his father is a picture of a house. He can also read minds.
They team up, but when a strange man lures Calista away to a strange land, Byron feels he must rescue her and, at the same time, find out just who and what he is. But at what cost?

Chris Northern's YA fantasy novel The King's Ward is a delight to the mind. Full of vivid scenes, strong emotions and strong, young characters.
But it's not just for teens. I think many adults will love this strange, unique story just as much as their kids!
It's about loneliness, abandonment and finding oneself, but doesn't sound at all as psychological as I just described. It's a fantasy journey of magic and supernatural abilities.
While I read this, the world melted away and all I saw was the land of Albion and its inhabitants. This story will linger with you long after you've finished it.


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