Sunday, October 12, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Sins Of Eden" by SM Reine


There have always been three gods. Always.
Until Elise Kavanagh murdered them.
A demon named Belphegor has entered the Origin and become a new god, triggering genesis: the death and rebirth of the entire universe. He wants Elise to join him in Eden for the end of all things, but only once she’s watched everyone she cares about die painfully under his heel.
With nothing but a dwindling army of werewolves, Elise must enter Eden, slaughter Belphegor, and stop the genesis. But Belphegor’s smarter than Adam ever was, and far crueler. He’s spent lifetimes preparing for this.
He will have his world of Hellfire. He will have victory. And he will have Elise’s life…

This is it. After years of enjoying the highs and lows of Elise Kavanagh and her witch, James, after years of reading about Riley's werewolf pack, it's over.
With Sins Of Eden, it all ends. I found it hard to believe, as a fan, that we will never hear from Elise and James again. They quickly became some of my favorite characters.
I can't say too much about the book because I don't want spoilers here, but I will say it's everything you'd expect from a writer as talented as Ms. Reine. You have danger, violence, evil, good and yes, even love.
The characters are all at their best, even the injured ones. Hell, even the dead ones! The story is as vivid and tantalizing as the previous books, if not more so. All the stops were pulled out here to make this a finale the reader will never forget.
I can bet you, years later, we'll be giving our teenage kids these books, telling them, "This is the best stuff you'll ever read..."

5/5--a perfect finale!

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