Thursday, October 2, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "The Painted Catch" by Ronder Scott


When a military squad gets overly rough in a case of mistaken identity, the world learns that Hell hath no fury like a man imprisoned after watching his son be murdered and seeing his wife kill herself.
Tayyip Nafisi was a good man and American citizen until he was arrested for looking like a wanted terrorist. After the military squad killed his son, influencing his wife to kill herself, he vows revenge on the people surviving from the team.
Jennifer Koppel, a widow in terrible debt, was one of them. She's struggling with PTSD to take care of her daughter and help her sister-in-law with her own issues.
Shane Braff and his daughter Emily are also on his hit list. Shane is also struggling for income after the war.
When they get invited to a reality show to win two million dollars, it seems like a dream come true...but the dream is really a nightmare.

Ronder Scott's short novel, The Painted Catch, is a fantastic story about war, heartbreak, racial profiling, PTSD and the tough lives ex-soldiers lead after combat ends.
Tayyip is a pitiable character, one you can't hate, though he is, essentially, a terrorist. He lost everything he cared for in one fell swoop and you have to have sympathy for him.
The scientific ideas behind the "reality show" are ingenious and show the thinking of a creative mind.
The characters each have their own good and bad parts. Jennifer, especially, has her bad points but she's a wonderful lead character with so much potential.

There's mystery, death, revenge and a lot of heart in The Painted Catch. It's a must-read!

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