Thursday, October 23, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "On The Run, Book One of the Moriya Chronicles" by I-Lanaa Twine


Jade is a typical teenage girl on the outside. Quiet. Smart. Pretty. But she's got deep secrets. Her mother, Meiying, was either killed or taken by an alien from a faraway planet, but the alien gave Meiying special information to give to someone before he died.
Now, Jade and her father, Keith, are on a mission to find her mother or the alien and get their lives back to normal. But evil aliens are tracking them all over America, and everyone they come in contact with are in danger.

On The Run, the first book in the Moriya series by I-Laana Twine is a delight to the imagination. Mixing sci-fi, romance and even a little paranormal into one fast-paced novel with a killer cliffhanger, you won't want to put this down...ever!
Jade is a great heroine, but it's the supporting characters (Keith, Derrick, Nuption and Snowflake) that really make this a story worth reading.
You'll never know who is good or evil, who will live or die, or even if our heroine will survive! For a first novel, this is stunning. It takes many YA sci-fi authors years to get to Ms. Twine's level.
Great story, very visual and heartbreaking.

5/5--great debut!

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