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RELEASE DAY: "Fretensis" by Dennis Villelmi (w/ REVIEW)


Freten­sis, by Den­nis Villelmi

In The Image Of A Blind God, Vol 1

Freten­sis — An epic prose poem, part Dante, part Love­craft, part Bur­roughs, full of vast, cyclopeian hor­rors and hid­den, twi­light Gods and their vas­sals con­vers­ing in the dark cor­ners of Mankind’s metrop­o­lises and the aban­doned civil­i­sa­tions fore­saken by time, always watch­ing, wait­ing for the time when once again they will rise and walk amongst us.

A work of mad genius,a man­u­script of the damned, Freten­sis tells tales of Damzui, Lord Of The Husks, through the ages of mankind, of the games that the Celes­tial Beings play with mor­tals (some­times through mal­ice, some­times because it is merely within their nature), it lurches from Ancient, marble-​​columned Rome to the dust-​​blown Amer­i­can Mid­west of the mod­ern day to the inner-​​most dark­ness present within the cor­ners of our psy­che. Fea­tur­ing madness-​​cursed immor­tals, thrice-​​damned whores and a myr­iad of char­ac­ters, all with their own agen­das and insanities.

A must for all fans of hor­ror and poetry.

Den­nis had these thoughts on the inspi­ra­tion for writ­ing Fretensis:

“In ret­ro­spect, I see now that “Freten­sis,” which is but the intro­duc­tion to a larger poetic opus, is one of those books which, regard­less of the authors’ feel­ings toward them, had to be writ­ten. It’s a project that I’ve wel­comed in, as it were, from both reflec­tions on the sub­ject of divin­ity, and the abyss that such reflec­tions drove me into. Human thought, since its advent, has been yoked with the con­cept of “gods,” or “God Almighty.” To me, this isn’t so much a pre­oc­cu­pa­tion, as it is the mad­ness of a species. H.P.Lovecraft saw reli­gion as soil most fer­tile for hor­ror; who can argue that this hor­ror has not been of the largest con­stituents of our com­mon his­tory? Thus, “Freten­sis,” Book I of “In the Image of a Blind God” series stands as both a sus­pi­cion of Deity, and as ben­e­fit of the doubt granted to the so-​​called “fallen.” Often have I asked myself whether Lucifer fell, or fled in hor­ror, and with that ques­tion always does it feel that “In the Image of a Blind God” isn’t so much an epic poem that I am com­pos­ing, but rather, is an epic poem com­pos­ing itself through me.”

We are very happy to be work­ing fur­ther with Den­nis (many of you will recog­nise him from our antholo­gies and his poetry which has appeared on our site more than once) and help­ing him to fur­ther his artis­tic vision as an author.

The cover will be designed by Matt Davis, who was the cover designer for Zero, and the book will be released on Hal­loween for paper­back and kin­dle on Ama­zon, as normal.

Fretensis was a fast read, and one I read over twice, just to be sure that there was nothing I missed. It will raise eyebrows, and perhaps some questions amongst the readers. It will a lot of people turn to Google for the deities that they may not be familiar with.
It read so smoothly, I believe the quote above, that the poem wrote itself through the author and not the other way around.
Art, especially poetry, is so difficult to rate in a review. When you add in such a strong view about religion and various faith-based beings, it is even more difficult. My views are polar opposite of Mr. Villelmi, but I respect his views and the beautiful way in which he expressed them in Fretensis.
I also loved the art inside, which added to the eerie vibe of this book.
For fans of Otep Shamaya (like myself), I think you'll be enthralled. This was a great book to release on Halloween!


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