Thursday, December 11, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Ethriel: Blood Bonds (Thunderous Book 1)" by Joe Walker

Storm clouds gather over the land of Ethriel. 

The Dark Lord, Akvandar, has defeated the once mighty Kingdom of Sol and now turns his attention upon the men of the west; a weak and fractured people struggling desperately to repel the advances of the armies spewing forth from the dreaded Spire. 
Meanwhile, in the cold north, there is trouble afoot. Goblins march from the Mountain of Iron, ravaging the lands between the Range and the Impassable Peaks; a once peaceful region where the stench of betrayal is pungent and corruption is rife.
Humankind teeters on the edge of existence and the forces of good have only one choice. They must forget past grievances and fight against the evil that plagues their land in a war that will be decided by the sword and the shield. 
From the deepest depths to the highest peaks, Blood Bonds will take you on a whirlwind adventure following four unlikely companions who must bind themselves in friendship, overcoming battles, betrayals and grief as they strive to bring the nations of the realm together.

In Joe Walker's maiden novel, we are taken into a fictional world of the past, one where orcs rule over humans and elves are trying to get their lives back and defeat the terrible orcs.
If that sounds a little like Tolkien, you're right. It was reminiscent of the great storyteller's magum opus, but it wasn't a blatant act of plagiarism, as I have read many times before. It was written with an entirely new vision in mind, one with less imagery and more heart.
You have slaves and princesses working together, villains you'll love to despise and a magnificent journey your mind will never forget.
This is one of those books you'll be telling your grandchildren about. Great writing, great characters and a lot of things for your mind to envision late at night as you read.

4/5--entertaining and visual!

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