Thursday, December 4, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Created Darkly (Kristina Chase Book 1)" by Gena D. Lutz

Kristina Chase is a Creator, the most powerful breed of necromancer around. Her kind can create vampires, or kill them if necessary. Most necromancers are part of the Council, and Kristina hates them, just as much as she hates vampires. She's never made one and doesn't plan on it.
When her younger sister, Torra, goes missing, her kidnapper leaves Kristina clues as to how to get her sister back, and she might have to put aside her views.
But she's not alone in this ordeal: she has her ghostly best friend, Jude, and Rush Davis, the sexy and obnoxious head of the Council.
Can they save Torra before it's too late?

I've heard about Gena D. Lutz before, but had never picked up any of her books until Chasing Magic last month, which I enjoyed. Created Darkly was
I sat in my bed, devouring this book, only pausing to recharge the battery of my tablet. The characters were all unique and three-dimensional, especially Jude. I wish we'd seen more if him.
A story about a vampire-hunter who sees ghosts and kills what she creates is automatically intriguing to me. Add in magic, phantoms, a sexy boss, sexier vampires and a twisting mystery going back four generations? It's a win.
The story wasn't fluff, overly sexed up, too violent or too wooden. I was inside Kristina's world, a world of life, death and magic and I loved every second of it! It will keep you up at night and, when you reach the end, you'll reread it over again.
I am officially a fan of Mrs. Lutz!


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  1. Oh wow! This is an amazing review & I'm beyond excited that you loved Kris, the supporting characters & her world so much! Thank you for taking the time to read and review Created Darkly! P.S- I'll get you a copy of the second Kris Chase book, Devil's Playground, before I hit publish! Thanks again, you're a doll! :)

  2. Great review!! Can't wait to read this book it's next on my list!

  3. Terrific review Kelly and I just loved this book too. Eagerly awaiting the next one!! She really writes a fantastic story!

  4. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed Created Darkly myself. :)

  5. Thanks for the great review for Created Darkly!

  6. Awesome review... Awesome book ��