Wednesday, December 10, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Envious Obsession" by Katie Keller-Neiman

For years Sandy's life has been ruled by her visions. They led her to her soul mate, Eric. They warned her not to trust her childhood friend Aurora. But they were a lie.
She was on the verge of having everything she ever wanted. Just when she was about to have it all, though, it slipped through her fingers.
Sandy is sick. With this revelation, her world crashes in around her. Her visions are written off as hallucinations, symptoms of her illness, not memories of past lives.
But while she may not believe any longer, she is far from safe.
Aurora is not the kind person everyone thinks she is. She is dangerous and obsessed with Sandy, and Todd can't help getting caught in the crossfire.
Protecting his cousin Sandy once seemed so easy for him, but now it threatens to take away everything Todd fought so hard for: his sobriety, his sanity and his future.
The closer he gets to Sandy, the more danger they both are in. Still, he is determined to do whatever it takes to keep Sandy safe.

I loved the first Envious book, with one exception: I didn't think that Ms. Keller-Neiman had explored Todd quite enough. In Envious Obsession, she remedied that, making us go inside Todd's world just as much, if not more than, Sandy's. Todd is one of the most interesting characters I've read about, and his vulnerability and pain make him a relatable and lovable character.
Again, I love that there is such a plain paranormal element to what could have been an excellent story all on its own. But adding in voodoo dolls, animal sacrifices and spells, not to mention past lives, made it so much better! Rarely can you find such a mixture of harsh reality and fantasy that works so we. l and flows so naturally.
Tony and Amelia, characters we also didn't see enough of or at all in the first book, play a huge role in this story as well. This is a truly well plotted tale and the characters could be your friends or neighbors.
The struggles that they all go through are so real and so raw, you'll want to go inside their world and hug them (or slap them, depending). This book and its predecessor could very well be some of the best novels of this generation.
Katie Keller-Neiman's writing is addictive. You won't be able to get enough!

5/5--a wonderful novel!

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