Monday, April 20, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "Gun City Bohemian" by Phil Williams

Will Carter toils through books and beer without really knowing why. A student without purpose, he shelters from life in inebriation. And occasionally sees things that aren’t really there.
Lisa Shelling barely stops working, dedicated to an education that will better people's lives. She doesn't have much time for socialising, fun or imagining the unreal.
Neither could have imagined the impact their meeting would have - on themselves, their friends, the city around them and reality itself.
Gun City Bohemian is an urban fantasy where the power of two people's love causes art, fallen angels and amateur journalism to collide. An endearing tale of romance and dark humour that pits the carefree nature of student lives against the horrors of adult responsibility and rising Hell.

Gun City Bohemian is a very different take on urban fantasy. I'm so used to "urban fantasy" being ingenues falling for rugged werewolves, that I was very (pleasantly) surprised by this book. It seems so normal for much of the narrative, detailing the characters' lives and personalities. You'd never expect fallen angels and Hell to become a part of the plot.
The story works well as a romance with dark humor, but paranormal elements were added and it adds another level of interest and entertainment to the story.
The humor is very dark, British that you'd see on the older shows like Are You Being Served or the intelligent humor of the more modern Sherlock. It flows easily, entertaining you for a few hours. You get to know two disparate yet equally interesting individuals, people who seem as real as you are.
Mr. Williams has a lot of talent, and I'm excited to read his future works!

4/5--a writer with amazing potential!

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