Tuesday, April 14, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "Soulless Shadows" by Sarah Desir

To become an full-fledged Nephilim is the highest honor in Soraya Markheim's world. A seventeen year old Nephilim, Soraya has spent her entire life protecting her best friend, Nero, from the creatures that want only one thing: The Apocalypse. Soraya's school, Saint Michael's Academy, trains humans with angel blood to fight monstrous creatures- Vampires, Demons, and Dark Angels. Soraya vowed to always protect Nero from harm, but what happens when Soraya can't protect Nero from the only creature she can't fight: Himself?

The last time I saw a Nephilim, it was being murdered on Supernatural. I think they're an underutilized creature (though Elizabeth Corrigan did a great job inserting them into her work), and I loved seeing one as a heroine in a story, facing off against a myriad of other paranormal creatures.
Soraya is a strong, sassy character, determined and brave. Ms. Desir brought out the humanity within her as she protects her friend and tries to stop the Apocalypse. Out of all the teenage heroines in literature today, she's one of my favorites.
Nero is a great supporting character, and I think you'd instantly ship them with each other. He's the other half to a great duo.
Plot wise, what could've happened was you got a mishmash that didn't work conceptually. But what actually happened was a clean, concise story that was extremely visual and entertaining. I read the book over two days, immersing myself in a great fantasy world filled with love and danger. It's a story about friendship, and about light beating the darkness.

4/5--definitely add this to your TBR!

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