Wednesday, July 22, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "Cursed Rebel" by H.G. Lynch

Never trust a pretty face. My grandma taught me that. She warned me about the Fair Folk but I never believed her...until I was kidnapped by one. And damn, he is pretty. 
But Fin was sent to bring me to his King, and if I want to survive the Otherworld, I have no choice but to trust him - for now. 
Oh, and did I mention my sexy best friend is hunting me? I should've listened to Gran.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Faeries and Elves have always intrigued me. Tolkien piqued my interest, but I had grown up watching a reading Especially Gail Carson Levine's work. So when given the chance to read Cursed Rebel by H.G. Lynch, I jumped at it.
First of all, let me start by giving you the biggest flaw of the book: there was not enough of it. It wasn't that it was too short (though it is only about 140 pages), it was that I just simply wanted more.
We meet Lucy, a pretty girl in high school, crushing on her best friend, Ryan. Lucy's grandmother had had a big secret, and because of a curse cast long-ago, we get to follow Lucy into the Otherworld--AKA the land of the fae folk. Her reactions are perfect. She doesn't get extremely accepting, she doesn't trust Fin, the sexy faery who has kidnapped her, and she is always at the ready with a smart comment to make the reader grin. She's extremely likable.
Fin is something else altogether. You are never sure if you can trust him as you read the book, but at the same time you want to trust him. His very essence comes across through the pages, making you fall for him easily, even as you wonder just whose side he's on.
The other characters, Ryder and Pan, are two very polar opposites. It's impossible not to love Pan, but with Ryder you get the same vibe as you do at first with Fin--whose side is he on?
This is a story for those of you who love the fantastical, the beautiful and the strange. When there isn't action and adventure, there is a described beauty so singular to a place like the Otherworld. You get so many urban fantasy and legendary species mentioned or described here, and you get to see it all through Lucy's eyes. It makes you feel, for a few short hours, that it's all real.
I could go on, but I want to stop now and let you experience the Fair Folk's world for yourself. Beware, once you enter it, you will not want to leave!

5/5--I read so late into the night, my ereader battery died!

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