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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: "The Red King" by Kate Hill

The Red King
by Kate Hill
Erotic Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 9781419993534
Available July 01, 2015

Torn from her beloved convent home, Delia is forced to marry Areus of Lortia. The contract states she must deliver an heir within a year or the marriage can be annulled. Delia vows to control her fate by ensuring there will be no child--until she is mesmerized by Areus, the proud, virile warrior king.
Areus agrees to marry Delia to gain her father's army to continue his fight against Hypatios, the mad prince of Zaltana. He doesn't expect to fall in love with a convent-reared mouse, but from the first, Delia rouses his lust and touches his heart.
Their life together hangs in the balance as the war with Zaltana advances and Areus discovers Hypatios is far more than just his sworn enemy.

Delia hoped her father would call off the wedding, but that was a dream. He was desperate for this alliance. Obviously Areus was not.
"I can't believe this," Delia whispered to her mother.
"Shh. Areus must have a good explanation for this."
Delia smiled humorlessly. "I'm sure he could show up three days late and Father would still welcome him with open arms."
It was bad enough her father had promised her to arguably the most fearsome warrior in the Western Continent--a man who kept Zaltana at bay. At the very least, Urion should demand some respect, if not for her then for himself. Areus had left her and their guests standing in the chapel, proving how little she and her kingdom meant to him.
"I think it's pathetic," Delia whispered. "I wish I was back at the convent and--"
"Silence!" Her mother grasped her hand and squeezed it, nodding toward the entrance through which her father stepped.
He quickly rejoined them and no sooner had he taken his seat than a group of warriors in leather and mail entered the chapel. At the head of the group stood a tall man draped in a black cloak lined with red. He removed the hood, revealing an angular face that was more compelling than handsome. His trimmed beard was the color of cinnamon and his eyes a startling green. One sharp cheekbone was scraped raw and a faint bruise tinged the corner of one eye. His cloak, boots and the black breeches clinging to his long, muscular legs were dusty from travel. On his head, atop his curly reddish-blond hair, rested a black circlet with three gems--a bloodstone, an emerald and a diamond.
Delia studied him with interest as he removed his cloak and handed it to a dark-haired, rough-looking warrior beside him. A black leather shirt ornamented by silver studs around the collar covered Areus's lean torso. A sword hung at his hip, the hilt set with a bloodstone and emeralds.
So this was the man to whom she would be bound for at least a year. Whether it would turn into a lifetime depended on him. So far he had done nothing to endear himself to her and by the look of him, she doubted he would. If possible, his expression was even stonier than her father's. Her stomach clenched and she drew what she hoped to be a calming breath.
His men stood at the back of the chapel and Areus approached the altar.
"Delia, rise," her mother whispered, but Delia refused to move.
As Areus neared, she looked down, not wanting to meet his gaze for she doubted she could keep the anger from her eyes.
Urion grasped her arm so hard she was certain she'd bruise and tugged her to her feet. Not wishing to draw even more attention to an already embarrassing situation, she didn't struggle.
"Princess Delia, we meet at last," Areus said in a voice that managed to be both soft yet a bit raspy. The sound of it sent an odd little thrill through her and she finally lifted her gaze to his. He was quite tall and though lean, he exuded raw strength that extended beyond physical. He reminded her of a magical whipcord--strong, pliant but unyielding. At that moment she understood why even the savage Zaltanians had backed down from him in battle.
The priest cleared his throat. "Yes, well. Shall we begin?"
All gazes shifted to Areus and he gestured with a black-gloved hand that was surprisingly long-fingered and graceful.
Once started, the ceremony flowed swiftly. Even as she heard Areus take his vows and she spoke hers in return, she could scarcely believe it was happening.

About Kate:
Always a fan of romance and the paranormal, Kate Hill started writing over twenty years ago for pleasure. Her first story, a short erotic vampire tale, was accepted for publication in 1996. Since then she has sold over one hundred short stories, novellas and novels.
When she's not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out and spending time with her family and pets.
She enjoys hearing from readers and she can be contacted at:
Kate also writes under the name Saloni Quinby. Find her online at,, and

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