Thursday, October 29, 2015

HALLOWEEN BOOK SALE: "Stake-Out" by Lily Luchesi

In a city overrun with the undead, an ex-cop is given a chance to get revenge... 

Danny Mancini is on a case, following a murder suspect. When he catches him, he finds out that the perp isn't even human: he's a 200-year-old rogue vampire! 
The department doesn't believe him, and puts him on early retirement, despite his many years of service to the Chicago Police Department, which sends him into a downward spiral. 
Two years later, Danny gets an invitation from the beautiful, young and very attractive Detective Angelica Cross to join a secret branch of the FBI to help her track down Vincent, the wayward vamp. 
But renegade werewolves, meddling immortal witches and Danny's strange visions of a life lived a century ago with Angelica make things more difficult than it should be. 

Purchase Stake-Out on Amazon for only $0.99 from October 29th-31st! (Sale is international!)

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