Saturday, October 10, 2015

RELEASE DAY: "Naughty Bedtime Stories: In Three Words" Anthology

*** 18+ due to sexual content.***
Naughty Bedtime Stories: In Three Words

Words become too much. 
Feelings become too strong. 
Life becomes too complicated. 
Shed everything you ever learned about what should be and dive into what could be. With seven erotic shorts, Naughty Bedtime Stories: In Three Words promises to take you on a journey of stripped down characters, uncomplicated views and futures full of promise. When it comes to the physical, love isn’t the only game in town.

Room 13 - Rue Volley
You're Worth It - Xyla Turner
Anywhere But Here - Lexie Craig
Rock & Roll - Sabina Bundgaard
Tonight, Tomorrow, Forever - Aurelia Fray
The ToyBox - H.g. Lynch
Have No Fears - Lily Luchesi

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