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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: "Dirty bad Boys" Boxed Set

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Dirty Bad Boys: Multiple Authors

Meet the bad boys and billionaires who know how to get their steam on. They’re wild, they’re dirty and they’re hard to tame. This is a sizzling-hot bundle of complete stories, with no cliffhangers and the kindle-melting happy ever afters you love.

This bundle includes:

The Billionaire’s Temptation Complete Series – JS Wilder - a two-part series where book two has never been offered in a 99cents bundle before.

Chase Complete Series – Chloe Grey – College romance has never been this steamy, or so dangerous.

Seized Complete Series – JC Coulton – Bad boy romance with a good cop twist, never before offered in a 99cents bundle.

Hard Luck Series – Chloe Grey – Coming into wealth and luck is that much harder when lust is involved. – A three-part series where book two has never been offered in a 99cents bundle before.

Owned by the Billionaire Cowboy – Bella Wild - a rough and tumble erotic romance with a happy ever after that will leave you swooning.

Bonus - Rocked Complete Series – Bella Love-Wins - a billionaire bad boy romance with a rock star-MMA twist.


Hard Luck Series

Leslie POV - He looked so nervous. I had no idea why, and even less of an idea what he was trying to tell me.

“So you want to be my friend now, Drew?” I asked, standing up to face him. “What, it’ll make you feel better stealing my one shot at something I dreamed of doing, if I were your friend after the chips fell?” 

“No…that’s not it…why can’t you just…”

“Why can’t I what Drew?” I pressed. “Why can’t I be like toga girl?”

“Toga girl…I mean…look, her name is Kimberley and she is not my girlfriend okay? She’s not even my friend.”

“What is she, then? A call girl? She was draped all over you, wearing a toga and kissing you on your neck, remember?”

“She’s in an acting class I’m taking,” he explained, like it was perfectly rational.

“Okay then, and I’m Cinderella!”

“I’m telling you the truth.”

“Then like Sam?”

“She was hitting on me!”

“Well I have a question for you, Drew. If you’re having such a problem talking to me, why can’t you get the hell out of here and knock on their doors, and tell them what you want to say?”

“Because they’re not you,” he answered, with that look in his eyes that took me right back to his kiss.

A part of me wanted to kick him out so I didn’t have to deal with it. But every cell in my body wanted him and refused to move away. He hesitated at first, but within moments he was in my personal space. He cupped my chin in his palm and lifted my face, searching my eyes like he could find his soul there somewhere. All I could see in his eyes was pure passion. Or maybe I was projecting what I felt coursing through my veins. The touch of his hand on my face sent sparks flying through me. I was so overcome with need, I let him know with my eyes.

At this proximity, his brown eyes were almost hazel, with gold and brown flecks that looked like they would sparkle in the sun. He let out a soft sigh and I wrinkled my nose at the feel of his breath against my skin. My heart pounded in my chest when his other hand wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer. He leaned down and kissed my forehead. I began to pull away, but even if my brain wasn’t ready, my body was.
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