Saturday, April 16, 2016

RELEASE DAY + BOOK REVIEW: "The Long Ride To Hell" by Rue Volley

young vampire whith blood flowing lips on a black background The Long Ride to Hell
Cover Artist: Rue Volley Release date: 4/16/16 Publisher: Encompass Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance
Half-naked man on a throne with a sword in his hand sits deep in thought
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Muscular Sexy Man with tattoo over a white background
Love is the one true King. Love.
The worst of all four-letter words. Nothing trumps it, but loyalty. Just as treacherous. Just as devastating. Both have ruled over me for as long as I can remember.
I stared down at my hands and spotted the slight tremor. He always does this to me. Always. My name is Dorin. I’m a vampire. I’m a slayer of the king of all vampires. Dracula or as I knew him, Vlad the Impaler. But before I killed him, I loved him. More than anything. More than salvation. For that, I traded my soul…
young vampire whith blood flowing lips on a black background
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Rue Volley
Rue Volley is the author of The Devil's Gate Trilogy, Hellhound, The Blood & Light Vampire Series, a witch's tale, and various novella's released both independently and within anthologies. Rue is an award-winning author, graphic artist, and screenwriter. She is credited with two films. Hellhound (original script, 2014) Awakening (contributing screenwriter, 2015) IMDB: Miss. Volley began her writing career in 2008 as she penned her freshman effort, The Blood & Light Vampire Series. She self-published the first novel in 2010 and within six months she was courted and signed by Vamptasy Publishing (UK).
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Having only read the first Hellhound book, I was not as familiar as I'd have liked to be with Dorin, this story's main character. Reading his backstory before the books are re-released this summer was a great experience.
I've read almost all of Rue Volley's work, and I am never disappointed. Yes, she can write a steamy sex scene, but her books are so much more than that. She creates characters you know, love, sympathize, empathize, and wish so badly were real. You feel their emotions as if they are your own, and they stay with you long after you close the book/shut off the Kindle.
This story is one of the best vampire romances I have ever read, and I have read more of those than any other genre. It is darkly beautiful, tragic, touching. Dorin's emotions are so deep, so pure, that I had to stop reading and sigh at certain times. His love is something that you really can only witness in a novel, and the ending...I was enraptured.
If you want adult fiction laden with strong emotion and great characters, look no further. This is a fast read that ends far too soon.

5/5--I'd give it ten stars if I could!

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