Sunday, September 18, 2016

MUSIC REVIEW: "Covered Vol. 1" by Matt Lande

Song List:

1. Ghengis Khan (originally performed by Miike Snow)
2. Mad World (originally performed by Tears For Fears)
3. Leave A Trace (originally performed by Chvrches)
4. Hallelujah (originally performed by Leonard Cohen)
5. Pineapple Expression (instrumental)
(Bonus song Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O'Connor, written by Prince, available for FREE by clicking here.)

I'm going to go in order of the track listing for my review to try and keep myself in line. Those of you who read my previous reviews for Matt's music know I tend to get overexcited and go off on tangents, which is something no reviewer likes to do, but his music is just so good!
I've been listening to Matt for what will be seven years this year, I've watched his music grow from Heaven Is Where to different solo projects, each one more delicately composed and beautifully written than the last.
I already knew, getting this EP, that Matt has the voice of an angel and one Hell of a talent on guitar, and I was pretty convinced that he could sing anything. I remember the days on MySpace (yes, I said MySpace) when he had covers of Cheap Trick and others listed, which were great even back then.
Okay, starting track one, the only track I was unfamiliar with. Matt really did an amazing job of transforming this song. I didn't liken it whatsoever to the original an a listener would think that this was one of Matt's originals at first. This song plays to Matt's higher range, which is really stunning. It makes you stop what you're doing to listen.
Track two is a sad song by a group I really enjoy. Matt's voice, usually filled with such beauty, is so low and melancholic you can feel your heart twist as you listen. It evokes the emotional response from a listener that great music is supposed to. This one is by far my favorite and I have played it over and over in the past couple of days.
Track three is a band I am not a big fan of, but I knew the song from hearing it in different places in the past year. You can really hear Matt's acoustic skills on this one. His voice takes on a slightly smoke quality that made me picture a darkened club, a haze of smoke, and Matt on a stage with limited lighting while patrons danced on the floor. It's another song that you could think was one of his originals.
Track four I think everyone is familiar with, and we have all heard many covers of it as well. In fact, I heard a new one just tonight! However, whenever he touches something, he turns it into pure gold. This is another song you have to stop just to listen, to take it all in. Despite it not being my favorite on the album, this one shows Matt's vocal abilities the very best.
Track five is a quick instrumental, just thirty seconds, but still enjoyable as a comedown from the rest to the album.
The bonus track is another song we all know. It's a piece of music history, now more so than ever with Prince's passing. I'm very critical of songs I grew up with being covered, and I remember my mother saying, "Kelly, if he screwed this up, I'm going to have to tell him." Well, he didn't. What he did was make a perfect cover of musical and vocal beauty It's almost as if it was written for him to sing, not O'Connor.
In all, I think you can tell what my opinion on this EP is. It's gorgeously performed, has great production value, a cover that could be on a T-shirt, and created with care. Matt is a brilliant musician, and as I have been telling my readers for years, he is someone you NEED to listen to.


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