Thursday, April 13, 2017


1. When/why did you decide to become a writer? *

Never. Writing decided it was something I needed to do. I didn't get a say. Lol
2. What authors inspired you when you were younger? What books do you enjoy reading today? *

Anyone who wrote fantasy and science fiction - HG Wells, Anne McCaffrey, CS Lewis. Now- I read a lot of books friends write, and my preference in genres is a little more broad.
3. What was the inspiration behind your latest release? *

My co-author. The basic concept of folklore monsters come to life and chasing our protagonists around Hawaii was hers. The dorky humour is mostly mine.
4. Were any of the characters personalities or emotions taken from real life? *

I wrote for Flynn. He is Australian, like me, so many of the stories he tells and things like running into kangaroos are things which happened to me. He's also very loyal and would do anything to protect the people he loves. I envy his use of a spray can and lighter flamethrower though. That's all him. I suspect there might be a fair bit of Makani in Erin.
5. Why do you write in your chosen genre? What other genres would you like to try your hand at? *

I write the story that makes me write it. Genre comes later.
6. What would you do if you were your main character? *

Use that flamethrower baby! Lol. Seriously if I was Flynn I'd do what he does, and risk my life for Makani, over and over. Lucky she's there to rescue him.
7. Will we ever see these characters again? *

Books 2 and 3 are under contract with Burning Willow Press. Book 2 should be out in June 2018.
8. Would you like to see this book as a film or TV show? If yes, who do you want to see play your characters? *

Heck yes. It'd make a fun movie. I think I'd like a couple of young unknowns to play Flynn and Makani. Unless you can turn back time so a young Chris Hemsworth could play Flynn.
9. Where do you see yourself and your career in the next ten years?

Hopefully still writing and selling a book here and there.
10. Is there anything you haven't touched on that you'd like readers to know about your book? *

Erin lives in Hawaii, so the places Makani and Flynn go are real, but so exotic (to me anyway).
11. What would you be doing if you weren't writing? *

12. Can you tell KSR what you're working on next? *

I'm currently working on a serial which is appaearing in Spiffycats magazine, and book 3 of a fantasy series.
13. What authors, dead or alive, would you like to collaborate with? *

I'd like to write more with Erin, and with Jay Michael Wright II, and Kindra Sowder.
14. What are three things that may surprise your readers to know about you? *

I don't drink coffee, I have kangaroos on my yard and I breed parrots.

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