Sunday, January 5, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Shesus" by Hilary Shepard


In the year 2300, decades after cancer turned into an epidemic called the Big Sick, the people of Earth decided that it was Nature causing the illness and declared that GMOs (genetically modified organisms) were the way to go to stay healthy.
But some people decided that Nature was actually their saving grace and spurned technology in favor of living an old-fashioned lifestyle of organic food and living quarters.
That family, the deceased Radish (born Johnlennon), Mooma (Darylhannah) and their children, TheRose and Bugbee, live a happy life until the Govercorp decide to bomb their natural home due to a phantom threat of sickness.
It's up to TheRose and Bugbee to find their grandmother JJ (Janisjoplin) in the "mall" where everyone lives their synthetic lives and stop Johnnyseed, their father's old business partner, from destroying their home and, with it, their mother and the cure for the Big Sick.
But who can be trusted and what secrets will they uncover about their family's past?

Actress Hilary Shepard's (Star Trek, Full House, Deep Space 9) first foray into the world of YA fiction is a dystopian, sci-fi delight for the mind. The book is for the naturalists and nature activists, the young, the old, the sci-fi lovers and anyone interested in reading her interpretation of what really could happen to our world one day.

Yes, activists will devour this book, with its vegetarian, anti-GMO message (I did!), as well as its metaphorical commentary on Hollywood and our desire to stay young and be "perfect". But, as I said, anyone will enjoy this book with its strong teen lead and great supporting cast.

As a little bonus, Ms. Shepard references today's elite in show business and many of the best musicians in the sixties.
The book also features an introduction by acclaimed actress Daryl Hannah (Kill Bill, etc.).

For young and old, for activists and sci-fi fans, this book is a must read! Again, I thank Malena Public Relations for bringing such amazing talent to my attention!

5/5--so enjoyable!

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