Monday, January 13, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "The Dogs Don't Bark In Brooklyn Anymore" by Eric Robert Nolan


Poet Eric Robert Nolan's debut novel, The Dogs Don't Bark In Brooklyn Anymore (published by the UK's Dagda Publishing) is a postapocalyptic science fiction story full of unique characters, creatures and emotions.

Rebecca O'Conner is this novel's flame-haired heroine, the story spanning her childhood and adulthood in Brooklyn, New York. The former depicts her childhood association with kids who grew up to fight in the war with her later. Mr. Nolan talks about her father, a war vet suffering from PTSD and grief over his deceased wife, her relationship with a classmate and witnessing the depravity of which kids are capable.

The latter is while Rebecca is leading a squad to defeat the wolves who decimated 95% of the United States. They began to mutate when she was a child, and slowly they came to destroy the country. She has to watch her friends die and relive her past while trying to save humanity.

In this epic debut, the reader is subject to the writer's vast pool of emotions, including loyalty, friendship and running the gamut all the way to despicable and vile.

There is some violence, to warn the readers, but it adds to the surprisingly realistic nature of the story and its characters. It's a fast, intriguing read for fans of sci-fi and war novels alike.

4/5--Great read!

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