Friday, January 24, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Anything Is Possible: A Tale of Æsop" by Thomas Bähler


"Anything is possible".

That is the recurring phrase and title of composer/musician Thomas Bähler's debut novel, Anything Is Possible: A Tale of Æsop, Æsop being the ancient Greek storyteller.
Bähler's novel tells the tale of Æsop's early life as a slave under Theseus. Compared top other slaves, he lives an easy life with his mother Danae, in Theseus' house, able to learn from the best tutors Theseus employs for his own, rather bratty, son, Acacius. He finds he is gifted at telling tales, and entertains courteiers with them.
Theseus takes Danae to collect his brother, who has come for a visit, when tragedy strikes and Theseus is killed in an accident, along with Danae, making Acacius the new master.
Æsop's life is immediately altered, add he is now an "outside" slave, working long hours of manual labor and eating little. He now knows the true meaning of being a slave.As the story goes on (cut with line drawings of characters and particular scenes by artist Yulee Kim), the reader is repeatedly confronted with the theme of one being oneself's own master, slave to none and capable of anything.

Freedom comes from within, and if you believe in yourself you can do anything. That's the point Mr. Bähler tries to put across and into every reader's head. For the most part, I believe he succeeded in conveying that, no matter your race, gender or station, you can be and do anything.
It was a joy to read a novel that is both entertaining and inspiring. The life of Æsop is riddled with trials, but he keeps going despite the odds being stacked against him. It is a book for everyone who has ever been told they're not good enough, they're to fat, too poor, too human, to be and do what they dream of.
Amazing work, in a psychological, sociological and entertainment sense. Highly recommended for everyone who has a heart or wants to gain some confidence.
Thank you, Malena PR, for sending me this book!


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