Wednesday, January 8, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Sumer Lovin'" by Nicole Chardenet


Love and lust in Toronto. How strange matters of the heart are in that beautiful, cold, melting-pot of a city!

In Nicole Chardenet's light novel (a little more than 200 ebook pages), we see the Canadian city overtaken by an Underworldly being from ancient Sumeria who appears at a fountain after an unusual earthquake...stark naked. She is a killer, feeding on virgins and babies to give herself power. She was forced away from Adam (yes, THAT Adam) by her mother, so she says.
She meets Dave, the quintessential "perfect" virgin and knows she must sleep with and kill him to gain her full power.

Meanwhile, forty-one-year-old Rachel moved there after she divorced her husband in New York to start her matchmaking service. Though she's Jewish, she partners with two Muslim women to get her business off the ground...and maybe find herself a man while she's at it.

Sumer Lovin' is an excellent novel with sexual, gender and race politics, strong characters and an intriguing backstory. Ms. Chardenet has a cast of characters(including but not limited to a guy who raises gerbils and one obsessed with arachnids) who will entertain you till the very last page.

It will make you laugh, think and cringe, with the author's unique voice and vision. Worth a read? Definitely!


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  1. Thanks for being kind enough to review my novel, Kelly,.,.I don't know what else to say...;)

  2. My pleasure! I'll be posting the interview tomorrow. Thank you again for submitting your novel; I hope we work together again! :)