Wednesday, January 15, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Exterminators: Shadows" by James DeSantis


In James DeSantis' second Exterminators novel, he continues with his original story of the teen boys who were chosen to fight the Unknowns (demons from another realm) and protect mankind.
But this novel goes deeper than its predecessor.

Each boy has his own personal trials: Marshall and his girl are having a baby, Nick has moved in with his girlfriend and has angered his father by deciding not to go to college and Peter is learning how to feel real, human emotions.

One of their comrades, Jin, has a secret: he was secretly working with the Summoners, the enemies of Exterminators. When one of the Summoners kills Jin's lover, he goes on the hunt, not knowing that David, the leader of the Summoners, is planning a war between Summoners, Exterminators and the rogue group known as Shadows.

In this book, lines are blurred, crossed and breached by the three organizations' members and they have another problem: Riven, the demon who possessed the young Exterminator Fred in the last book, is back...but he's not alone in there...

Most series get worse before they get better, but that is not the case here. With a multi-faceted story, emotional scenes and realistic characters amidst a fantastical, violent plot, this is a book for adventure-seekers that will entertain you and make you long for the next installment, as I am!

Expect plot twists, strong emotions and crestures beyond your imagination in this book!


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