Monday, January 20, 2014

Lisa Kessler's "Beg Me To Slay" Blog Tour Stops at KSR!


In December Lisa Kessler gave readers a demonic delight with her new novel Beg Me To Slay. (Click here to read my review!)
Now she makes a stop here at KSR to talk to you all about the novel...and reveals some secrets behind-the-scenes of the book's creation.
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1. You've given us vampires and shifters. What made you want to write about demons?

My husband and I share an office and he works nights producing and writing a morning radio show. At about 1am I turned around to find him watching a webcam of the ocean. We live in San Diego county and many of the beach hotels now have webcams pointed at the coast. My hubby was taking a mental health break for 5 minutes, watching this grainy webcam with a floodlight barely lighting the waves coming in.
I asked, “What would you do if the webcam popped up and someone was burying a body on the beach?”
For a little over a week that question kept rolling around in my head and when I wondered why they'd never find the bodies, I realized they might have dug themselves out, transformed into demons. The book took off so fast I had to type quickly to keep up! :)

2. In the Acknowledgements, you say you wrote this about survivors when you were in a dark place in your life. Can you talk a bit more about what the inspiration was and what you want readers to take from Tegan and Gabe?

When I started Beg Me to Slay, I'd had some major upheaval in my family and found myself crying daily and feeling very lost. When Tegan and Gabe came into my life, I started out writing their story as an escape, but as the book continued, they both started healing, and I felt like I did too.
I hope that readers will take away that even in the worst of circumstances, you can rise above. We're not victims, we're survivors. Big difference...  I hope it inspires anyone in a dark place to get out there and keep fighting.

3. Demon fodder is all over the media, with shows like Supernatural getting viewers by the millions. Were things like that helpful in getting information about the demon world?

I'm such a sucker for paranormal shows! I can't get enough...  But my favorite shows were ANGEL and MOONLIGHT.  In my head Gabe looked a lot like Mick from MOONLIGHT, and he dressed and fought like Angel from Joss Whedon's ANGEL. I wanted the book to be dark, but action oriented like both shows were. I hope I achieved that! :)

4. What is the biggest difference between your other novels and this one?

Good question. Hmmm...  I think this one is different because my paranormal creatures were the bad guys. In my Night Series and the Moon Series the paranormal characters are usually the heroes, but in Beg Me to Slay although Gabe is a Slayer and tough to kill, he's still mortal just like Tegan. It was a fun dynamic for me to toy with too.

5. Will we see Tegan, Gabe and the unforgettable Lago again or is this a stand-alone novel? - 

I wrote this one as a stand-alone, but I've had so many requests for more, that my brain has been very busy pondering. Gabe did mention that there were other Slayers in the world, so if a new peril rose up we might meet a new Slayer and it might require all the Slayers including Gabe and Tegan band together to fight...  So you never know... :)

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  1. Thanks for the fun questions Kelly!

    Lisa :)

  2. My pleasure: I always enjoy working with you! :)