Monday, February 2, 2015

BLOG TOUR: "Scott's Solace" by Lyn Brittan Book Review

Name of Book: Scott’s Solace
Author: Lyn Brittan
Genre: New Adult Paranormal
Word Count: 20K


A standalone novella following the Gormly Clan...

When Jessica left the farm to start over in the city, she had her future all laid out. Too bad her plan for success went from super awesome to complete crap in twenty seconds, and all because of that stupid lightning catcher, Scott Ares. He looked a lot different from their small town days, all suited up and stuff, and it's not necessarily a bad look...

The only thing standing between Scott and his plan to destroy his father is Jessica Freaking Solak. The nerd he knew then and the tattooed motorcycle riding chick in front of him now couldn't be more different. Still, she's in the way and has gotta go. Although, it shouldn't cause too much drama if he kissed her once or twice first.


His hands, all on their own, clasped around her waist and hoisted her up.
Her objection was a little vocal. And kick-y. “Put me down!”
“I’m trying to help.”
“You’re copping a feel!”
Okay, maybe it’d started out that way, but a bit of his finger grazed the space where her shirt and shorts met. The power in her, untapped energy, tingled his hand. “You grew up, Jessie.”
“Jessica.” She did a two-step away from him, but he knew she’d felt it too.
There had to be a million and one ways to play this to his advantage, but at the moment, he couldn’t think of one.
Really, he couldn’t think of a single thing beyond touching her again.
And that scared the shit out of him.


I was contacted by Red Moon Book Tours for an honest review of Scott's Solace, the fourth book in a series, but one I read as a standalone novel. That's the a very rare thing, too, to write a series that could also be read as standalone novels. While I'm sure it's better to read them all, I love that Ms. Brittan was able to write her stories this way, especially since a lot of readers don't like committing to a long-running series.
The story seems typical, but what it has is a very atypical female lead: a tattooed biker gal, a badass and a very realistic woman. I liked reading a story that felt so familiar, because the characters seem more like real people than characters. I also love that Scott is what society considers "normal", yet he falls for Jessica despite her being different and unique.
The tale is short, but it's full of heart, a few laughs, sexy fun and a level of paranormal activity that makes it rise above your usual smattering of NA romance. I think I'm going to go download the rest of this series...

4/5--great writing!

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