Thursday, February 12, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "The 11th Percent" by T.H. Morris

Jonah Rowe, a bored accountant and aspiring novelist, is sick and tired of his job as an accountant. He is burnt out from all the office gossip, politics, and double talk, and he longs for his life to matter. Truth be told, Jonah wants anything besides the lame routine of coasting through his workday...only to psych himself up enough to do it all over again the next day. He only wishes that his life had some meaning. 
Amidst the combination of writer's block and society's expectations to have a "real" 9-5 job, Jonah gets his wish. 
His world is turned completely upside down one evening when his vision inexplicably turns blue for several moments. He then receives a warning from a spectral visitor that not only is he in danger, but everything in his life is about to change. 
Overnight, Jonah transforms from an overworked, underpaid accountant to the centerpiece of a spectral battle. Will he rise to the occasion? Can he accept that everything he knows about life and death is completely wrong? And, most importantly, will he be able to comprehend and harness the power of the mysterious 11th Percent? 
Follow Jonah's journey in this new breed of ghost story!

In The 11th Percent, you'll get a ghost story...just not the one you're expecting. Yes, there are angry spirits, trips to the cemetery and spectral fights, but this isn't a horror novel. Instead, it's eerie, creepy and strangely insightful into the mind of a struggling writer.
That, I think, I'd actually the best part of the novel: Jonah's career and his life in general. For what author has not been stuck in a dead-end job, feeling as though their literary career is over before it begins? Jonah isn't a typical male lead in a ghost story, but he's the typical male. He's average, which makes him all the more relatable to the reader. He could be any of us.
The story seems long, in the beginning, but it quickly picks up the pace. The ghosts aren't all evil, some of them try and help poor, confused Jonah. And they're also not typical, moaning, cold-spot inducing, Supernatural-esque creatures. They're a little frightening, but not over-the-top. I think that the author made a great attempt at making everything about this story unique, and he mostly succeeded.
You don't need excessive violence or gore to make a reader get a chill down their spine!

4/5--well-written and original!

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