Thursday, February 26, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "Preserver" by Chris Reardon

17-year-old Corey not only has to deal with his mother’s disappearance, but recurring nightmares horrifying him to no end. Each and every night, an old man constantly begs for his help. He pleads for assistance escaping a murderer keeping him hostage in another world. 
Corey, according to the old man, is the only one that can stop this monster. After all, he does know the spell. Melody, an unpredictable, no-nonsense girl from his math class, has also been having horrific nightmares with this same old man. She, however, is not willing to talk about it. Melody also refuses to believe any of his pleas. 
When Corey and Melody are thrust from their homes by a mysterious woman, they embark on a journey through a mystical land. From battling demons to escaping prison chambers, they realize they’re part of something much bigger, and hiding from their duty is no longer an option.

Preserver by Chris Reardon is a dark, YA fantasy novel that is (literally) out of this world. In another dimension, to be exact. Teens need to save the world from utter destruction by a crazed god, with only a strange short sonnet of sorts to go by, and a very harsh and reluctant teacher.
I don't know if Mr. Reardon intended this, but I know teens will be able to relate to these kids on more levels than one. They come from different backgrounds, deal with their raging emotions and have strange tasks set for them by adults who aren't inclined to help in any way...except to criticize and press upon the importance of said task. Sounds like what many high school kids are going through on a daily basis. And if they fail, adults make it seem like the end of the world. They need to make adult decisions while still feeling like they're kids at the same time. Just like these characters.
That doesn't mean that adults won't enjoy the book, too. I loved it. It was short, sure, but I really enjoyed reading it and think that it is definitely and underrated story. It's emotional, exciting and gripping. Anyone over the age of fourteen should definitely add this to their TBR list!

5/5--a hidden gem!

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