Monday, February 9, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "Adoptive Personality" by Cassandra Scearce

After killing her alcoholic father and discovering the she was adopted, Eve begins to suspect her abuse and molestation at his hands was orchestrated the moment she was given up.
As Eve makes her way through life, she discovers a love and passion for sex. After sex had become an act she could not see herself ever doing again, she has come to realize how addicting it is. Now she can't get enough of it, and she'll use her addiction in order to see her revenge take shape.
Eve hasn't given up on her birth mother or her suspicions that she is to blame for the horrific childhood she suffered. Eve is determined to uncover the truth behind her abuse, no matter how many people she has to kill.

WARNING: Adoptive Personality is not for anyone under the age of eighteen, as it describes serious sexual abuse.

I have a love/hate relationship with books that are so set in harsh reality like this one, because I say that books are supposed to take you from reality, not drag you further in. With Adoptive Personality, you're taken straight into Earth's version of Hell, with a young girl being viciously abused by whom she believes is her father.
Eve is not a sympathetic character, believe it or not. Her life has, naturally, made her hard, but she's not just tough and damaged: she's a killer. She's been truly broken by her ordeals, but somehow I had little sympathy for her.
The story is very dark, very real and shows the birth of a whole new kind of serial killer. Because, make no mistake, Eve is a very cunning serial killer, plotting each one and fooling everyone. It's not as vicious as most of the more popular books about murder, because it's also very emotional, concentrating on why Eve is the way she is.
While this is a very dark book, it's one of the best written ones I've read that deal with this subject matter. For everyone? Definitely not. But I highly recommend it!

4/5--well-written and makes you think!

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  1. I would like to quote you on my business card. "The story is very dark, very real and shows the birth of a whole new kind of serial killer."