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BLOG TOUR: "Yes, Sir" by J. Richards

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Book Description:

Is getting everything you want worth losing everything you have?

Abby Jackson is a frustrated housewife. Her husband pays more attention to his Xbox than to her. She fills her days with erotica novels, wishing her husband would listen to her desperate pleas for more excitement in their sex lives, but he wants nothing to do with her wild fantasies.

When Abby goes out for her weekly girl’s night with her best friend Kelly, they enjoy a dangerous game of truth or dare that leads Abby to a controlling stranger who takes a shot of vodka from her breasts. The night rattles her to her core, and keeps Mr. Dark and Handsome in her mind for days after.

Just as she returns to her boring, routine life, she gets a mysterious text message from an unknown number to come spend the night exploring her most secret desires. She knows she shouldn't go, but how can she not? Arriving at the hotel and unsure what will happen, Abby finds a box with a skimpy panty set, a blindfold, and a riding crop inside. There are also instructions to wear only what the box contains and to be ready for when the stranger arrives. Abby’s first lesson in the Dominate/submissive world has just begun. The only frightening thing is how much she gets off on it. But will it fulfill her secret fantasies...or endanger everything she has?

Reader discretion: contains light BDSM, spanking, blindfold play, multiple partners, intimate strangers, secret fantasies, domination/submission elements


I always look forward to girls’ night. A few hours, every other week, where I am allowed to be me. Just Abby. Not the wife and mother that I struggle to be day in and day out. Tonight we’ve chosen the fun and casual atmosphere of Submerge. The bar is filled with a soft blue hue and laughter is abundant. People mill about in groups for after-work drinks. Football games from TVs in every corner of the room and loud pop music blasts against my ears.

“OK!” Kelly squeals as she presses another beer into my hands. The foam spills over the top, and I can’t stop the girly giggle that escapes my lips as I run my hands over the glass, flicking the excess liquid in her direction. Her nose wrinkles and she pinches my side. More giggles ensue before she begins again. “It’s dare time!” she whispers all too loudly and we huddle together, eyes spanning over the crowd in the bar. “I dare you to get a guy to take a shot from your cleavage.” She wiggles her perfectly threaded eyebrows at me.

“What! Are you crazy?” I half-heartedly gasp. In real life, I would never contemplate doing such a thing, but girls’ night isn’t real life. It’s escape. “Do I get to pick him?” I laugh before swallowing down half of my beer for courage.

“What fun would that be?” She grins wickedly and sits up taller to look for her victim. “You would choose the meekest man in here.” Kelly’s lips part in an O and she points a finger. I have to lean against her to see whom she has picked out.

At the end of the bar, where the light doesn’t seem to reach, stands a large figure. The air around him shivers with his calm confidence. My tummy flutters and I shake my head. “No. I don’t think he likes shots!” I pray she will spare me and pick another. The mischief in her face says I don’t stand a chance. I slide off the counter high bar stool and smooth my hands down my thighs. I tug at the hem of my fitted tee self-consciously.

“Oh, quit.” Her manicured hand swipes through the air. “Go!” she snickers over her beer. Settling in for the show. I roll my eyes at her and try to hold in my whine. Taking a deep breath, I make my way to the bar.

Several stools separate me from the man I have to convince to take a shot from my tits. Leaning my elbows on the sleek bar top, I try to catch the eye of the bartender. While I wait, my eyes skim over the man. Dark hair falls over his forehead in an Eduardo Verastegui kind of way. My fingers suddenly itch to run through that tempting darkness. His long fingers are swiping over a cell phone in a shockingly fast pace. The glow of the phone showing off his thick eyelashes over light eyes. Are they blue or green? I can’t tell from this far away.


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J. Richards is a twenty six year old mother and wife. She was born in a small town in New Hampshire, which she left at the age of eighteen to marry the love of her life. Leaving everything and everyone she had ever known to live down south with her new husband. They have now been married for almost eight years and are raising a wild child of a daughter. Her husband is in the military and because of that, they have shared the joys and struggles of moving around the country.

J. Richards has always loved reading and writing, dreams of becoming a published author seemed just that, only dreams. In 2015, with encouragement from a friend, she submitted a short story to etopia press and was beyond surprised when they wished to publish it. She now has four works under contract and a very hot series in the making.

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