Wednesday, August 19, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "Zein: The Prophecy" by Graham J. Wood

On Earth, an inexplicable change is occurring in young Tyson Mountford as an ancient power awakens within his body. 
In the skies above him, an alien race live in four vast quadrants. With their colony masked from the humans below by advanced technology, they are attacked from within by an evil that not just threatens their existence but that of humanity. 
Kabel Blackstone, from the most powerful alien Zein clan may be their last hope. Can he unravel the enigma of the Prophecy that one will come who will defeat this evil and bring peace to Zein and Earth? 
With his destiny tied to that of Tyson, Kabel seeks help on Earth from a small band of unlikely companions. They are pursued relentlessly by a malevolent force, driven by greed for control of the precious zinithium ore. 
Now the strangers from two separate worlds must put aside their differences, control their newly acquired magics and fight back to save their families, their planets and their lives.

I received a copy of this book from the author's publicist in exchange for an honest review.

A sci-fi/fantasy epic for teens and adults, Zein takes you into a world filled with magic and amazing tech. My first love when I was reading this book was the amazing technological advancements the author put into this story. It was innovative, and not often seen in the genre.
It has a plot that just keeps going, keeping your eyes glued to the page. I could easily see this as a film: it was vivid and so well-written. There was a great mix of action and angst; of drive and adventure. I know there are teens who don't like to read, and I think this is a perfect book to make them want to. It was a great mix of Doctor Who, the adventures of which Tolkien wrote, and surprisingly very modern themes when it came to motive and emotion.
I did have an issue with character development. I found that some of the things that could have been written in were missing, given up in favor of the involved plot. I would have liked to see more depth to both main characters, to get to know them more.
Aside from that shortcoming, I think this is a great, movie-worthy title!

4/5--great and a lot of fun!

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