Wednesday, August 5, 2015

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: "Old Wounds #4"

Nobody’s safe in the final issue of murder-mystery series OLD WOUNDS
Heroes are made and heroes are lost when the fourth and final chapter of Russell Lissau and John Bivens’ gritty tale concludes on Aug. 5

Retired vigilante Michael Lane’s ex-wife and closest friends have been killed in freak explosions. His secret identity has been uncovered by the same police detective trying to solve those murders. And now, in the final issue of Russell Lissau and John Bivens’ murder mystery mini-series OLD WOUNDS, the killer stands revealed! But will Michael and Detective Alyssa Hess be able to end the reign of terror? Or are they to become victims themselves? Readers will find out when they pick up the action-packed OLD WOUNDS #4 on Aug. 5.

“The team of Lissau and Bivens is one that will go down in comic book history,” writes Kelly Smith of Kelly Smith Reviews. “Russell's writing is so real,” said Todd and Dave on the Basement Fodder podcast. “It's humanizing the mystery man a lot more than other things have done. The visuals tell just as much of the story. From front to back, every part of it is so well-thought-out.”

OLD WOUNDS #4 (written by Lissau, drawn by Bivens and lettered by Josh Southall) will be available on Aug. 5 in comic book stores or directly from for $2.99, and is now available via such mobile apps as ComiXology, ComicsPlus and DriveThruComics for 99 cents. To find a comic store near you, visit

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I never expected to get teary-eyed at a comic book. You all know I have been an avid fan of Old Wounds from day one. The plot, the writing, the was all so wonderful. I was kind of dreading reading this issue, because it is the last in the miniseries. But it was also the best, leaving me unsettled, upset and wishing to see these characters again. The recap is above, so I won't bore you by repeating details. When we closed the last issue, we finally saw the killer, and now everything is revealed. The killer is not just anyone, and he doesn't have typical revenge on his mind. One thing that came to mind is a jealousy the sick feel towards the well. As someone who has suffered from a form of depression (as the killer does in the book), I know the anger one can feel towards those who have been through the same things but came out of them better. We see it often with veterans with PTSD and rape victims. It gave the killer a relatable bent. He's not a mindless killing machine (like many other comic book villains). He is someone to pity. It give the whole thing a very real vibe. Again, this is a spoiler-free zone, but I'll be damned if the true hero in this book didn't make me feel more than any comic has since Sonic The Hedgehog sacrificed himself to save Mobius when I was about ten years old! I love Detective Hess, and in this book we really get to see her as strong figure in the series. She and Michael show us what being a hero really means. This was an amazing miniseries that I am sad to see end. Both Lissau and Bivens have found a very big fan in me.

5/5--the best indie comic so far!

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