Friday, March 13, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "Like A Box Of Chocolates" by Justin Bienvenue

Name of Book: Like a Box of Chocolates
Author: Justin Bienvenue
Genre: Poetry
Word Count: 50 pages
Publisher: Self Published
Buy Link: Amazon


Take every notion, feeling, experience and expectation that you have on poetry and throw it up in the air, just take everything you’ve ever known about it and toss it aside. Not because the boundaries of what makes it so are being broken, and not because simple fundamentals and poetic structures are being altered, no that’s not it at all. Simply take a deep breath, relax and remember that nothing is off limits, nothing is too right or too wrong or completely outside the box(pun totally intended). So untie that bow, put your hand on the corner and open…open the book and take in that fresh page aroma and all the splendid “flavors” that is poetry.


Marshmallow Street

The birds glide and fly in the air
Doing what they do best
Just like a road the skies they share as their driving is put to the test
A pilot flies his jet with force
Doing tricks and trying to break sound
As he maneuvers, nature takes it course
As he lands safely upon the ground
A plane travels high above
As it departs from city to city
Look out, look down and fall in love
As the site is beyond pretty
All these things may share the sky
But one thing makes them complete
And if you yourself could also fly
You could join them on Marshmallow Street

My Review:

There's poetry you should read academically, there's poetry you should read to spark emotions, and there's poetry you should read for the music that will speak to your soul. Then, like with Edgar Allan Poe for example, there's poetry that you need to read for all of those things. Poetry that inspires beautiful imagery, emotions, music and has deeper meaning to dissect. That's what's in Like A Box Of Chocolates.
While reading these fifty poems, you'll catch snatches of inspiration from Poe, Cummings, Dickinson and even a little Brontë if you were to modernize the sisters' work. But each poem is wholly original, each one bringing about different feelings and situations. There's death, life, love and everything that falls between. None of the poems are long, and all of them have a good beat to read aloud.
If you're new to poetry and don't want to start with classics because you're intimidated, this is definitely the book to begin your love affair with poetry. It has everything you need to familiarize yourself with the genre, and it is definitely enjoyable!

4/5--a great display of modern poetry!

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