Thursday, March 5, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "Moonchild" by Ewa Zwonarz

In this coming-of-age tale that blends myth, mystery, and the magic of storytelling, we enter the world of a fifteen-year-old seeker named Eve. Growing up in rural Poland, Eve's small-town existence is radically transformed by a series of lucid dreams, influenced by the moon, in which she is exposed to Sariel, a fallen angel. Sariel's cryptic messages, and demands for Eve to free him, draw her deeper and deeper into an ancient story of love, loss, and redemption. Eve's desire to heed the callings of her inner-life are confronted and challenged by family secrets and growing dysfunction, and her increasing alienation from her peers at school. Determined to find out who she really is, and the truth about her family legacy, Eve undertakes a quest, guided by a strange boy who calls himself Punk, in which dreams and reality merge, and a buried past is brought into the light.

Teenage angst, fallen angels, magical quests. For me, those are the only phrases I'd ever need to get me to read a novel. But let me tell you more about my opinions of Moonchild.
It begins with a very normal and likable character, who quickly starts going through some not-so-normal things when she has lucis dreams of an angel.
The quest Eve goes on is literal, but it is also very symbolic: trying to find herself through her family's long-buried secrets. This seems to me almost a parallel to what many teenagers go through when they are "finding themselves" while in high school.
The fantasy elements are whimsical, occasionally eerie and always beautifully written. Ms. Zwonarz's skill at the keyboard is stunning; her words immediately capture you until the book is done. The characters' personalities are all three-dimensional. They become like friends as you go deeper into the book.
This was a whimsical ride everyone who loves the YA fantasy genre should take!

*If you can, read the book while listening to the playlist Ms. Zwonarz has on her website (link below). It is an entirely different experience!*

4/5--a beautiful book!

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