Tuesday, March 17, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "When Implausible Events Occur" by Lucia Morosanu

Love...what is it all about? Nobody really knows, but everybody has an opinion and a story. And this is the story of a boy named Alex and a girl named Diana and how a series of highly implausible events changed their relationship forever: and made for an interesting self-discovery journey.

Love is a very simple thing that often gets complicated. This story is about a couple who went from loving each other to being indifferent to the other's presence without realizing it happened.
It happens often, and it's usually the reason for divorce and infidelity, but rarely do you get a fictionalized inside look at a relationship gone...dull.
Each character is relatable depending on your mentality. Alex is tired of being simply there for Die, and Die is just too complacent for her own good.
A tale like this runs the risk of being boring, simply a psychologist's report from marriage counseling, but somehow this story keeps your interest from page one. It's not too long, not overly emotional and very real.
I liked reading it and I think others will, too.

4/5--a nice read!

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